Reasons Some Seniors Smell Badly When Travelling

Reasons Some Seniors Smell Badly When Travelling

Let’s face it, there are some older adults who sometimes smell very badly when travelling. This could be due to various reasons, of which some could be natural. If you find yourself smelling when you are travelling, then the bad smell could be as a result of the following:

  • Failure to observe personal hygiene

Smelling badly could be because of an individual’s failure to observe regular hygiene routine. For instance, it can be because you are not bathing as regular as you should. Besides, it could be because your clothes are not clean. Maybe you don’t have a specific place to place your dirty clothes. This means that you will be confusing between clean and dirty clothes and you may wear the dirty ones when you are travelling. Again, even if you wear clean ones, they will still smell badly because they had been mixed with dirty ones. Confusion is something that is very common among people who are 65 and older. So, make sure that you obtain 2020 Medicare advantage comparison plans at bath before you travel, and wear clean clothes. Furthermore, take time to brush your teeth, and wear clean socks and shoes.

  • You are eating sticky foods

If you are fond of eating stinky foods, then you will always have bad breath. If taken regularly, stinky foods can also make your body smell badly. So, you could smell badly when travelling because you are eating stinky foods. To deal with the smell issue, try to avoid such foods especially when you are going on a journey. Your mouth can also smell if you stay for long hours without speaking.

  • Smelly sweat

Smelly sweat is also another reason why some seniors smell when travelling. You could be having sweaty smell because you are not taking plenty of water. When your body is dehydrated, your smell and urine will be concentrated with body wastes, and this will make it smell badly. So, ensure that you are always taking enough water when you are travelling.

  • Medications

Some medications will naturally make your body smell badly. So, if you are such medications, and you also use them when travelling, then they could be the reason you smell. You can ask your doctor to change your medication if possible. If that is not possible, then you can use a mild perfume to neutralize the bad smell. You can also take plenty of water so that your body can get rid of stuffy stuff via urine or sweat.